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Do you need to recruit a talented Frontend Developer to build and manage the frontend portion of your website and web applications? We are specialists in Frontend Developer recruitment, equipping businesses with professionals that are fluent in web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

UK Average Salary for a Frontend Developer


Current market conditions for Frontend Developer recruitment

Frontend Developers are increasingly looking to work on a freelance basis and take on contractual work. Subsequently, this is reducing the number of permanent candidate options, something that employers should be mindful of when recruiting for this creative yet technical role.

Many businesses are moving to tech-first and start-up tech-centric models, meaning demand for Frontend Developers is high. However, there is also a skills shortage across the technical industry.

Furthermore, finding sufficient candidates that are trained to the required levels is challenging, with many Frontend Developer professionals having either 0 – 2 years’ experience or 7-plus, and not many in-between. With demand high, Frontend Developers are often overwhelmed with recruiter messages, and have a tendency not to respond, unless the request ticks every box. As a result, search time can be slow.

Main challenges to consider when hiring a Frontend Developer

It is important to remember that notice periods for this type of role can be up to three months, meaning positions are unlikely to be filled immediately. In this extremely competitive market, candidates are likely to have lots of options available to them, so ideally the recruitment process should be moved along quickly.

With more Frontend Developers wanting to work flexibly and remotely, it is important to offer candidates remote or hybrid working arrangements. With demand being high, salaries for Frontend Developers have jumped up by 10 – 15%. Candidates now expect these inflated salaries and are prepared to wait until they receive such pay offers.

Another challenge recruiters are faced with is a difficulty in acquiring proof of skills in portfolios. This is primarily due to portfolios not being up to date and because of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), which restrict disclosure of confidential information.

Qualifications and education associated with a Frontend Developer

Often these highly skilled individuals have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or something related.

Online bootcamps are another popular way to get trained in Frontend Development. This type of training typically takes one year to complete. Though three-month crash courses are available.

Online training via Udemy is another popular course for technical professionals, though no formal certificate is accredited.

Recommended interview and assessment process for hiring a Frontend Developer

The hiring process for Frontend Developer recruitment typically requires three stages. The first is a video call, usually 30 minutes in length, where the recruiter and candidate discuss the work culture at the company and review the role and the experience of the applicant.

The second stage is a live technical assessment or a 45-minute – 1-hour presentation-style meeting. Candidates shortlisted to the third stage are invited to an in-person interview (if possible) with senior members of the company. This interview typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour.

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