27 Feb 2020

Branding your business so you can hire well

Gavin Beale

When was the last time you thought about your brand image? Or, perhaps more importantly, when was the last time you thought about your brand image in relation to the happiness and wellbeing of your employees and as a catalyst for attracting talent?

In short, brand image is an important but often overlooked tool in attracting, engaging, inspiring and retaining staff.

In this blog, I explore how branding your business can be directly linked to hiring activity.

Cracking the notion of employer branding

Branding is not merely a trendy marketing concept to attract customers and generate more business. On the contrary, branding should be targeted at attracting employees, a concept known as ‘employer branding.’

Employer branding is defined as “the package of functional, economical, and psychological benefits provided by an employer and identified with the employing organisation.”

Consistent, positive and recognisable employer branding, that’s essentially a synopsis of what a business stands for, its ethos, culture and identity, components that run much deeper than a mere logo and company colours, helps businesses attract talent.

Improving staff retention

By feeling engaged through consistent, recognisable branding, employees are likely to feel more aligned with a company’s core ethos and subsequently more satisfied with their working environment and less likely to move on. In this sense, employer branding can be a vital part in improving retention rates among staff.

Examples of effective employer branding

Businesses of all sizes and industries have nailed employer branding in the quest to attract and retain talent.


We can barely walk down a high street anywhere in the world without seeing the unmistakable green and white “twin-tailored mermaid” logo. Though Starbucks’ distinctive branding cuts much deeper than its logo.

Starbucks uses Instagram and Twitter with an ‘@StarbucksJobs’ account that is used specifically to promote their employer branding and engage with potential recruits.

The savvy employer also uses the #sbuxjobschat hashtag to encourage followers to contribute feedback.

Furthermore, Starbucks employees are referred to as ‘partners’ rather than ‘staff’, a strategy the retailer John Lewis also adopts to make employees feel more valued.


The search engine giants certainly know a thing or two about branding, both to entice customers and to attract new hires. Google’s “work hand, play hard” ethos and cool working environment is paramount in attracting talent to work for the company and helping members of staff feel aligned with Google’s funky ethos.

Make your employees your ambassadors

By nailing your branding and, in doing so, making your employees feel valued and loyal with your company, your employees essentially become business envoys, encouraging others to work for you and becoming brand ambassadors themselves.

It’s never too late to start working on nailing your branding. And remember, the more consistent and distinguishable (in a positive way) your branding is, the more your company will appeal to candidates.

For more tricks, tips and advice on hiring the best talent, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I’m always ready to lend a helping hand!