23 Sep 2021

8 Steps to the Perfect Digital Marketing Recruitment Hire

Gavin Beale

When it comes to recruiting a new digital marketing person for your team, the questions and considerations faced can become overwhelming – from whether the individual is a good fit for your team, to their ability to sell through the infinite number of channels now used by modern customers and clients.

As a marketing recruitment agency, our job is to help pair your business with the right candidate to breathe life into your digital marketing strategy and bring your goals to fruition. Working directly with clients, we uncover the core selling points of both the role and your company as a whole; crafting a winning vacancy posting, before sifting through the applicants to find the ones who can really add something to your team.

But how do we know what to look for? In this article, we uncover eight of our insider secrets in identifying and pinpointing the perfect marketing recruitment hire.

  1. Understand the gap you are looking to fill

This is one that we can help you with as a marketing recruitment agency, but it helps if you as the client have some understanding as to the gaps inside your business and the kind of position that you are looking to fill. Contrary to popular belief, not all marketeers do the same job – digital marketing professionals have specialisms and unique talents that set them apart from their other team members, with the most successful companies knowing where their talent lies and which areas of marketing talent they are missing.

Once you know what you are looking for, the hiring of a new marketing person becomes much easier to navigate.

  1. Write a concise job description before crafting the vacancy ad

If you’ve ever been asked the question “What will my daily responsibilities include?” by a candidate in a job interview, then you will know how important a thorough job description is. By outlining the exact responsibilities before reaching out to candidates, you will find that your marketing recruitment process is much more deliberate and targeted – and therefore more successful.

Fill the job description with information which is relevant to the role and precise – for example, let the candidate know how big the team is and what the KPI’s of the role are, so that they can establish if they are right for the role.

  1. You have to find the right candidate

Don’t always assume that the perfect candidate will come to you – sometimes you have to go after them, and that becomes much easier if you know what you are looking for (using a combination of the previous two points). The marketing recruitment process can be ruthless and energetic, and you might find that sometimes you have to reach out to candidates who aren’t actively seeking new roles but who may be perfect for your team.

Consider LinkedIn as a good source of information and potential candidates, as well as the standard job sites.

  1. Be Strategic

This is where it becomes important to be able to see past the fluff on a resume and really pinpoint if a candidate is right for your team or not. If you are working with a digital marketing recruitment agency then there will have been valid checks and pre-screening interviews that took place prior to final interviews, but as the hiring party it is up to you to be able to find that perfect person from the final few candidates on the table.

Look for consistency and reliability as well as results and consider how the existing skills and experiences of an individual can support the growth of your marketing team. Look for tangible evidence of success, and don’t be afraid to ask about unclear points on their CV if you need to.

  1. Create a streamlined interview process

This involves following the same steps for every candidate that you interview, allowing for direct comparison and giving you a well-rounded sense of how well suited each individual is to the job role. The role of a marketer involves strong presentation and communication skills, so embed this into the interview with a structured and formal presentation that the candidate has time to prepare in advance. A strong interview process should also include a more informal discussion as well as standard interview questions.

  1. Interview with purpose

The perfect marketing recruitment hire follows a strong interview process – and the best way to ensure this is to frame questions with purpose. Make a list of the ideal qualities that you need your perfect hire to display and ask questions which directly relate to these core qualities.

Some of the most important points you will want to consider include self-management, persistence, reliability, confidence, company knowledge, and initiative.

  1. Make an offer and be prepared to negotiate

Of course, the recruitment process doesn’t end at the interview – it doesn’t even end at the offer, though this is an obstacle you need to get past in order to complete the process. Be prepared to negotiate with the right candidate and recognise that a strong ability to negotiate their way to a higher salary does actually display the qualities you are looking for in the perfect marketing team fit.

One of our top recommendations to all our clients is to make an offer to the right candidate as soon as possible – don’t hold back or wait unnecessarily.

  1. Onboarding!

This is the final stage of the perfect marketing recruitment process – onboarding your successful hire. This involves integrating them into their new team and communicating your expectations in a way that reflects and honours what was discussed at interview and in the offer that you made them.

This is the stage where your successful hire will be made aware of their goals and responsibilities, and where it’s up to you to lay out your expectations as early as possible. Arrange any training they need and keep an open line of communication during their induction months to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible – and so that they feel confident in going out and representing your company as your newest digital marketing recruit.