25 Oct 2021

Work-life balance over bank balance

Gavin Beale

Money is the dream, right? Everybody wants more of it. Some people are willing to do anything for money, even if that means sacrificing their happiness. The problem with this mindset is that money doesn’t always buy you happiness.

The pandemic has taught people that nothing in life is guaranteed or secure especially jobs. This has made them more willing to take risks to achieve the dreams they have been longing for.

Work-life balance makes people happier than a large paycheck does! Here are some good reasons why work-life balance matters more than money.

More Money Doesn’t Equal More Happiness

It’s a well-known fact that money can’t buy happiness. But for many people, the quest to make more of it trumps everything else.

The problem with focusing on making more money is that you are unlikely to be happy if your work-life balance suffers as a result. You might think that getting rich will allow you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

The reality is that when working long hours becomes a priority in your life, other areas may suffer and your health and social connections are the first to go.

Having a Better Work-life Balance Increases Creativity

Employees who have a better work-life balance are more likely to be creative. It has been found that people who report having better work-life balance also tend to have higher levels of creativity.

When you have higher levels of creativity you are more likely to be engaged in your work and this brings you greater joy and satisfaction even if you earn less than you would otherwise.

Boost Productivity With a Good Work-life Balance

When you don’t have a good work-life balance you are likely to lose sleep. Any period without sleep can lead to cognitive impairment, mood swings, and impaired decision-making.

By boosting productivity with a good work-life balance, you will get more done faster without the headache of being overloaded. Instead of burning out from your job, take a break to refresh your mental faculties and return to do even better work.

This work-life balance that sparks your productivity can even lead to you earning more than you would otherwise. This is especially true if you run your own business.

Improve Your Health and Happiness

People who have a good work-life balance are more likely to be healthy as they will take time out of their busy schedules for exercise, socializing with friends and family members, or simply taking some ‘me’ time which allows them to relax after a busy day at work.

As you can see a  good work-life balance allows you to have a healthier, happier lifestyle which leads you to be more productive at your job. This is because you are not thinking about the stress of home or have other worries on your mind.

While money may be good for giving you a sense of security and reassurance, it does not give you the happiness you need to perform well at work which is why it’s important that you enjoy life outside of work in order to boost productivity and make better decisions when in-office.

Health is something you cannot buy even when you have a lot of money. You also cannot buy peace of mind, no matter how large your bank account may be.

Lack of Work-life Balance Leads to Burnout

Lack of work-life balance leads to increased stress and anxiety. Stress can be defined as life’s demands that threaten one’s mental, emotional, or physical health.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about what might happen in the future. Stressed individuals are more likely than their less-stressed counterparts to be absent from work. They are more likely to report chronic illness.

Work-life balance is the goal of employees everywhere. But it’s also something that employers can do to help retain valued staff.

Enjoy Your Work More

One of the reasons why work-life balance is more important than money is because when you have a balance in life, you are able to enjoy what you do. When you enjoy what you do, it is going to be a lot easier for you. You will also feel a lot less stressed and anxious about your job because you enjoy what you do.

It’s important that you know this in order to figure out what you want in a job. If you don’t know you won’t be able to figure out how to get what you want from your job.

Thrive Doing What You Love

Work-family conflict is one of the main factors impacting people’s ability to thrive at work.  It also said that people who are able to maintain a better balance between their professional and personal lives were significantly more likely to report feeling engaged with their jobs.

When you cannot reconcile your family life to your personal life then you are more likely than ever to feel stress. If you are in a job that makes it difficult to take care of your family’s needs then it may be time to move on.

You need to be happy with what you are doing for your loved ones as well as your work in order to thrive.

Grow Personally-Choose Work-Life Balance Over Money

Achieving a balance between your professional and personal life actually helps you grow personally. When you have a good balance between work and your personal life, you will also be better able to understand what makes you happy.

This is because you will have more time to explore the things you love and you may find that some of your hobbies and passions are what you want to pursue. When you pursue a passion while it may sometimes be difficult, work will be more fun.

Take advantage of what the pandemic has taught and do what is necessary to find your happiness and passions and also get paid for it. It is a life-changing mindset and attitude shift that will change how you live.