For many clients, the need to flexibly and dynamically grow their team at peak times is ever increasing.

The shackles and stigma of being a ‘temp’ have well and truly come off and set free a wave of talented, credible and driven candidates, who specifically set out to form a diverse career as temporary workers.

The expectation on temporary workers is to hit the ground running, from the moment they begin an assignment.

Temporary recruitment formed the basis of our agency during our launch days, where our Education division dealt with urgent high volume temporary bookings, typically within a 10-minute window, at 6am each day.

What we don’t know about recruiting for and supporting Temps, isn’t worth knowing;

On advising on strategy, filling roles swiftly, preparing and supporting our Temps during assignments, it’s all a reflex for us and very much second nature.

Temporary workers placed by Twentyfour Recruitment, benefit from a diverse array of job opportunities across many industry sectors, often with the prospect of longer term contracts (if they want it). Regardless, we ensure our Temps are supported, paid on time, AWR compliant and are given the full service and attention they deserve.

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