Stability is paramount.

Interim contract staff allow our clients to ensure that whether there is an urgent gap to be filled or a project that needs an outside expert to boost their team, we offer a flexible solution.

The key to contract recruitment is sourcing the right person to fit the requirement, who can start at the right time and get on-task straight away.

Contract work, much like Temporary recruitment, still comes with the need for quality, regardless of the fact that the role is not permanent.

Sourcing the right person

Select and shortlist candidates

Undertake full background checks

Getting the perfect candidates

We go through the same recruitment process for placing contractors as we do for permanent hires.

This means dipping into our extensive resource pool to select and shortlist candidates fitting the requirements of our clients and undertake full background checks, referencing and more. In short, you may be hiring a contractor, but you will be getting candidates who would absolutely suit a permanent position within your company.

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