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Are you wanting to recruit an Administrator to handle clerical duties and manage daily tasks such as scheduling meetings, running reports, answering the phone and more? We have years of experience finding experienced Administration support for diverse businesses and sectors.

UK Average Salary for an Administrator


Current market conditions for Administrator recruitment

It is currently a busy Administrator market. It was not uncommon for Administrators to lose their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequently take any job to get by.

As the market returns to normality, professionals in administration are seeking work that they are experienced in and are reshuffling to job-search to their favoured positions.

Main challenges to consider when hiring an Administrator

Finding the appropriate person to fill an Administrator role can be difficult, as meeting skills and experience requirements with individual candidates is not always an easy task.

Employers can find that junior-level Administrators may want too much in terms of compensation or overplay their skills. Likewise, senior Administrators, who are not so good with technology, can be flaky. That said, these individuals can be easy to hire as the role and process is usually very straightforward.

Qualifications and education associated with an Administrator

There aren’t any specific qualifications or education requirements for administration roles.

Typically, candidates are looking for a first or second job or later in their careers where education and qualifications are not on the list of things to do. That said, it can be useful if candidates have completed a course in Excel.

Recommended interview and assessment process for hiring an Administrator

The interviewing process for an Administrator comprises of two stages.

The first is a video/telephone interview for around 15 – 20 minutes. The call enables the candidate and company to get a feel for one another, and to discuss the experience and background of the candidate.

The second stage involves an in-person, face-to-face meeting for around 30 minutes to discuss the role, and for the candidate and company to become acquainted in-person.

An Excel or written test may also be carried out, but that is less common.

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