Digital Marketing Executive Recruitment

Looking to recruit a Digital Marketing Executive to take responsibility of the planning, developing, and managing of your company’s overall digital marketing strategy? A Digital Marketing Executive is also responsible for training and managing others on the marketing team.

UK Average Salary for a Digital Marketing Executive


Current market conditions for Digital Marketing Executive recruitment

Plenty of graduates are seeking roles in digital marketing, adding to the substantial number of candidates seeking new opportunities in this type of role.

Additionally, there has been a growing number of professionals within a digital marketing realm becoming specialist Digital Marketing executives. With increasing demand, higher salaries are now expected.

Main challenges to consider when hiring a Digital Marketing Executive

It is important to be aware that candidates are now looking for flexible work, where they can enjoy a greater work-life balance. They are seeking companies that are aligned with their interests, namely those that offer benefits and perks that cater for work-life balance demands and promote a positive working ethos and environment.

As well as flexible working arrangements, Digital Marketing Executive candidates are also seeking companies that can offer training and professional development in order to progress.

Such demands point to a competitive candidate market, putting companies under pressure to offer such arrangement to align with jobseekers’ interests. Failing to do so, will make the role less appealing.

Qualifications and education associated with a Digital Marketing Executive

Typically, Digital Marketing Executives are educated to a bachelor’s degree or master’s level in digital marketing, marketing, international business and marketing. Other qualifications can include completion of an online-accredited course by Google, HubSpot, or CIM. Some candidates can be trained through Udemy, or other online paid courses put together by professionals.

Recommended interview and assessment process for hiring a Digital Marketing Executive

The interviewing process for a Digital Marketing Executive is typically carried out in two stages.

The first is a one-hour interview, which discusses the workplace culture and experience of the candidate.

The second stage is a 1-hour in-person (if possible) interview, and an assessment and introduction to the senior team.

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